Saturday, September 28, 2013

New surface, Old world Faux

I just finished up a new fiber art piece. I have painted so many of these back splashes on tumbled marble that I thought it might be fun to recreate a piece in fabric. I love the contrast of soft and hard surfaces, textures etc. It is a contradiction in and of itself! I hope you like it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Marvelous May Market Give Away!!!!!!!

A Flurry of Activity and a MARVELOUS MAY MARKET GIVEAWAY!!!

I have been having so much fun getting ready for Spring Market. It has been a flurry of creative activity. We have meetings on Mondays and Randy and I bounce ideas off of each other. It is a Creative Monday for sure and it sets the stage for the weeks activities. It has been crazy busy too! We were so much more organized this year, plotting a course, having a plan and making lists. We were able to get so much more done and I am so proud of us and myself. I am such a procrastinator and I know that without a list and a list with deadlines I will never get everything done since I will push it off. This year, knowing that about myself, made me take action early and we have been doing this for months now with real progress and success arriving daily at my door now! I can't tell you the excitement as I see that UPS man pull up and unload boxes! I have received two shipments of fabric, the first was my new Christmas line, "The Twelve Days of Christmas", delivering now to shops and then the next day I received my Lil Miss Cutie Patootie Line from Quilting Treasures that I will be showing at Spring Market!! I am so thrilled to be designing for Quilting Treasures, the company and people are amazing!
My new Christmas Line called "The Twelve Days of Christmas" shipping to quilts shops now!

Then on Thursday, the girls day, everyone was so excited as the UPS man brought in bolts ofLil Miss Cutie Patootie fabric! Megan loves cutie and wanted her picture taken with the fabric! LOL She didn't even want to wait for me to unwrap it!

 I ordered my new Moo cards and just received them along with my logo I had printed at Spoonflower! Instead of making a quilt for my sign I designed it and had it printed, I am quilting the cheater panel now!
My new Moo cards! I love them, I even did mini moos to make tags with. I am going to tie them onto giveaways! 

Here is my Spoonflower sign that I am quilting now, a cheater panel that I designed in Photoshop and had printed at Spoonflower, fun! 

 I have also designed a whole new website and my brother, who is a computer brainiac, is helping me go live! It will be great to see it all come together soon. I also have been working on a book to go along with my new line of fabric. The patterns are so cute! I love them and hope that it goes well, it has been a huge amount of work and worry. There is always the fear that no one will want it after I have spent so much time and money to put it out there. But, heres to pushing through the fear and throwing caution into the wind, full speed ahead!
A sneek peek at one of my patterns called "Tea Party Table"

There are still more deliveries to come, T-shirts that Randy designed are on order, a sign for our booth pattern rack is on its way, the printer is printing my postcard mailers, Tina delivered all the scarecrow and Fabulous Folded Bag samples for us to photograph and Gurutej designed a Lil Miss Cutie Patootie doll for my book so its all coming together. We are one month away, so much still to finish up, to get ready, to sew. I am finishing up a order now for some charms to give away at market at my schoolhouse talks and I still need to work on my DVD. There is an excitement in the air as we get closer and see our hard work showing up in finished products!!

I am so excited that I want to include all of you in my excitement by spreading it. then you can share it and it will trickle down until everyone is excited! So to get you all excited I am doing a Marvelous May Market Give-Away! I would love to hear that you are excited with me, maybe share what you are excited about, wether its my new fabric, patterns, moo cards books or something you have made! Comment on this post on my blog and/or on my Facebook pages to be entered into the drawing. You can go to either my personal or business page on Facebook, Desiree Habicht and Desiree's Designs Studio, and post a comment on one of the fabric posts to be entered. I will add your name each time you post on my blog or FB pages, one per day. The more you comment, the better your chances to win!! Well, what will I win you might be wondering?? How about a gift basket full of sewing, quilting goodies!? To start off my gift basket you will win a yard of fabric from my " Twelve Days of Christmas" line and maybe some from my Cutie Line. I will be including my newest patterns and my book for starters. I will also add my charm scissor bob to the basket as well. But thats not all!!! I am going to market and I have a lot of very generous friends and I will be gathering lots of fun goodies from them for you!!! I am so excited to see what everyone will pitch into the goodie basket! Follow me as I post next month during market as I gather goodies for you! You can enter everyday starting today until May 31st. On June 1st I will do the drawing and announce the winner by June 2nd. That is 6 weeks in which you can enter! Remember, post comments in multiple places, but only once per day, one per blog post but feel free to post comments on my FB pages too! This is going to be such fun for all of us! I will have a basket in which I am collecting goodies so watch it grow with me! I am going to set up a special Give-away page on this blog with the rules of the Give-away along with information on some of my generous colleagues that will be donating. I will be posting remotely, as I am at market collecting goodies for you too! Share this blog with your quilting friends and have them comment too! If you get 5 friends to join my blog and FB page and mention you sent them I will add your name to the drawing again. So many ways to win!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cara Cara in the Pastel Journals Best 100 paintings

My painting, Cara Cara, won an honorable mention in the Pastel Journals 14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. I am thrilled to be in the magazine with such amazing artists! Congrats to all! The magazine is available this month!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking time to take a deep breath and say thank you!

I have been at the International Quilt Show in Long Beach, CA the last three days working the show with Gingers quilt shop showing my patterns. I saw so many great friends and met new ones! I had so much fun sharing my "Fabulous Folded Bag" pattern which was well received. It's so much fun to be able to make such a unique gift in such a short amount of time! They loved it! I can't wait to see what everyone makes with it!

Today, feeling a bit tired I decided to take my paints outside and paint my yard which looked so beautiful with the morning light glistening off the leaves and water in the pool. I sat and drank coffee while painting in the early morning sun. It is a beautiful day and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the beauty and thanking God for all the wonderful blessings he has sent my way!

- Desiree

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What are you doing this weekend?

This weekend is the international Quilt Festival at the Long Beach Convention Center! It's filled with amazing quilts, Exhibitions, fabric, patterns, notions and so much more. I hope you will get a chance to come by and what me demo my amazing Fabulous Folded Bag Pattern! I will be working all week in Gingers Quilt shop booth in the 1500 aisle. Come by and say HI!
I am also honored to be a part of the "Ritual" Exhibit by the dinner at eight artist. The quilts are all wonderful and they each tell a story of how the artist interpreted the word "ritual". There is even a book available at the blurb shop.
Hope to see you this weekend!

See more on Jamie's blog!
Book cover art (Left to Right) by - Susie Monday, Susan Fletcher King, Judy Coates Perez, Desiree Habicht, Yvonne Porcella, Gerrie Congdon, Gayle Simpson RITUALS An exchange between friends.

- Desiree

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cara Cara

This beautiful and delicious orange is grown here in Riverside. We bought a 25 lb bag so I had lots of subject matter.
Approx 16x20 pastel on La Carte

Monday, March 12, 2012

Park Visitors

Pastel approximately 16"x20"